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New Website – Let’s look at the Admissions tab

The admissions tab is meant to house the majority of the necessary information required to enroll at ICC while also housing a few items that are necessary for the beginning of the semester or academic school year.

I’d like to briefly give you a preview.

Please understand… we welcome feedback here. If I’ve not mentioned your area, but you feel it’s important to Admissions, please let me know ASAP.

The proposed parent pages within the Admissions tab are: Why ICC | Enrollment | Paying for College | Financial Aid | Scholarships | Veteran Information | Request Information | Campus Visits


Here we toss humility out the window for a moment and answer the question for potential students about why Illinois Central College is awesome. Images of said awesomeness will need to be included!


Enrollment will have some child pages: Steps to Enrollment | Apply Now | Placement Testing | ACT Review | Dual Credit | International Students

We want to be able to step web users through the whole process, from being a potential student to being a current student.

Paying for College

There are some child pages here: Tuition | Payment Options | CashCourse

This page goes over the three college paying processes: Pay in full, Pay through a Financial Assistance Program, and Pay through an ICC Educational Foundation Scholarship.

Financial Aid

This is not intended to be the main site for Financial Aid. That will be housed under the Students audience. Under Admissions are the directions for filling out the FAFSA Application.


Information and instructions on applying for our Educational Foundation scholarships

Request Information

For us, this is the Online Prospect Card – for those of you who use this. Here potential students can fill out a form about themselves and get information on areas of interest. We’ll keep all entries in the WordPress database for future recruitment use.

Campus Visits

Highlights our Friday Campus Visit Days – what’s coming up and how to RSVP.


Have we missed something? Got some thoughts? I wanna hear ’em!