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New Things Thursday:: The Surplus Process

It may appear to be a simple process, but adding things to the college’s online surplus inventory is not always an easy and straightforward feat.  Not many people know that it actually entails a lot more than meets the eye.  There are specific rules to abide.   1.) We can’t sell things that may still be useful to the college.  2.) We can’t sell things that people are using at the moment.  Especially your boss’s chair when he’s about to sit on it.  3.) We can’t sell surplus hot dogs after the cafeteria closes on chili dog day.  I don’t necessarily agree with that rule, since people love discounted dogs, but whatever.  Basically, managerial consent’s required prior to selling all non-food items.

Then, market analysis is involved.  For example:  What is the going rate for a used 30” x 18” x 16”beige overfile, with an Obama sticker on the front?”  Our sources say, 25 dollars.  Or, how much will the people of Central Illinois give for a secondhand automatic microphone mixer with no guarantees?  Experts agree that the pricing of Surplus’ audio equipment may be, “a bit exuberant” for the alleged, “as-is” and “condition unknowns.”  Which reminds me- look for an upcoming price reduction in those particular 900-dollar gems.   

Lastly, researching unique items is vital, because sometimes Illinois Central College’s 2-man band Surplus Department acquires stuff that we can hardly make heads or tails of.  Take for example, the newly added, Precision International Beetle 500 or the Amergraph Magnum Platemaker or the Nulcear Corporation of America scaler- I still have not a clue what they are or what they do.  

But they sound awfully important, don’t they?
But they sound awfully important, don’t they?