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New Things Thursday:: The Stool I Never Painted

Where I hailed from, grades 6 through 8 and high school freshman through seniors shared the same art classroom. 

As a sixth grader, I can remember marveling at the studio’s vibrant hand-painted art stools that were created exclusively by a few lucky (and talented) upperclassmen each year.  Creations by artists of all ages hung around the happy space, but the stools were a huge privledge to paint.  It was a big deal, as I’m sure you can imagine, to be allowed to actually paint on school property and leave a mark on your Alma Mater in such an avant-garde fashion.

I never got to paint one (how anti-climatic I know) but the urge has never left me.  Thanks to ICC Surplus, here’s my chance.  Click over with me and buy a stool to paint today!