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New Things Thursday:: The Real Prize (of buying Surplus)

A person always knows that buying from ICC Surplus is a wise decision.  There are, at least, two reasons: the Obvious (often monetary) reason and the “Real Prize” reason. 2031

For example, 1.) Buying an office chair.  Obviously, you’ll save a little cash from choosing one used over new.  But the “Real Prize” is keeping the darn thing from a landfill any time soon.

2.)  Getting an old podium. Obviously, you’ll have a particularly nice thing to stand behind while making speeches at your house.  But the “Real Prize” is knowing that someone really important probably enriched minds while standing at this very podium.

3.)  Ordering one of those iconic wood/vinyl benches. Obviously, you’re supporting the college. But the “Real Prize” is having a little piece of ICC furniture history for your very own.

4.) Investing in a 4’x4’ library table.  Obviously, you’ll save a little dough by buying secondhand instead of new.  But “Real Prize” is all the cookies you can cool after rolling dough on a surface that large.

5.)  Purchasing these two-for-the-price-of-one New Things Thursday cameras.  Obviously, ah….um,…let’s see.  (I’ll get back to you on that.) But the “Real Prize” is the super cool teal and purple camera case that comes with them.  Look at that thing!  It could double as an insulated lunch box!