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New Things Thursday:: Teeny-Tiny Tables

I accumulated a sizable collection of nursery rhyme, fable, folk and fairy tale books before I was old enough to even sound out a word.  They were given to me on birthdays, mostly, and at first, I could only flip through the colorful illustrations of Richard Scarry’s, “Taffy was a Welshman” or “Jack Sprat.”  When I learned how to read, I pondered words such as, “sham,”  “betwixt,” or “wander.”  When I developed reading comprehension skills, I developed a fondness for these strange and often anti-climactic stories featuring single moms who live in footwear with her unruly kids or pies that contain a couple dozen blackbirds.  When I sat down to write today’s New Things Thursday eNews post, they provided a perfect prompt for me to introduce the newly added stuff to the surplus site.

So here goes.  Remember that one?  It was about a teeny-tiny woman.  She lived in a teeny-tiny house and went on a teeny-tiny walk through a teeny-tiny churchyard and found a teeny-tiny bone lying on a teeny-tiny grave and she took it back to her teeny-tiny house and put it in her teeny-tiny cupboard with the intention of making soup with it later.

The teeny-tiny woman then decided that she was a teeny-tiny bit tired from her teeny-tiny walk so she took a teeny-tiny nap but awoke to, at first, a teeny-tiny voice saying, “Give me my bone,” then eventually, the voice got louder and louder until it wasn’t teeny-tiny anymore but frightening!  So in her loudest teeny-tiny voice, the teeny-tiny woman answered back, “Just take it!”  And that’s exactly how the story ended.  It ended abruptly and with no warning.

The story about the teeny-tiny woman always left me feeling dumbfounded but entertained nonetheless-probably much like the way eNews visitors feel after they’ve read New Things Thursdays and wandered over to the surplus site to buy teeny-tiny tables for teeny-tiny prices.

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