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New Things Thursday:: Pretzel Beacon

I’m sure that I’m not the only person in the world who has a love/hate relationship with soft pretzels and hot cheese.

The combination seems to be the most common dominator of all food whimsical and sporty.  Try going to a carnival or circus without being beckoned by the golden buttery braids that drape temptingly, behind glass, by their doughy arms.  Try going to a sporting event without wanting to push the cheese warmer’s unnecessarily large yellow dispense button.

Then you’ll buy one, of each, naturally, from the shady guy with tattoos on his knuckles, and you’ll barely walk away without having a piece.  It tastes exactly how you had forgotten.  Like plastic.  What else could you expect when the dipping sauce is florescent orange?  Shards of white salt will wedge painfully deep into your molars.  The cheese’s surface will begin to skin up.  Hurry; dunk the bites of plastic pretzel faster!

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