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New Things Thursday:: Post-Holiday Price Drop

Don’t you just hate department stores?  They always claim that their pre-holiday prices are going to be the lowest of the low and their products are the best of the best.  Then, after Christmas, they practically liquefy the rest!  They’re scums.  You literally turn around, a week later, and Aunt Bea’s purple sweatsuit is now 70% off  instead of 50% off.  Or that 40″ flat screen that you thought you got a deal on is down to $250 with free overnight shipping.  Go figure.  “Suggested retail price” my EYE!


Well it just so happens that ICC Surplus is having a few post-holiday deals of our own.  Our prices are always low but this New Things Thursday, in addition to adding those lovely AV carts, we’ve dropped the prices on several of our nicer items; including those louvered blue server cabinets that you’ve had your eye on.  They’re down $20 from when you last checked and yes…they are as nice as they look.

Grrr, department stores…but if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.  Click over now.