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New Things Thursday:: New Beginnings for Wendy

Wendy works in Accounts Payable.  She’s a mother, a laugher and a Wheel-of-Fortune watcher.  She bakes zucchini bread and does yoga–she’s a yogi.  She loves Mustangs and is a diehard New Things Thursday fan.  Wendy likes traveling, eating healthy foods and taking long walks at sunset on white sandy beaches (I added the beaches for dramatic effect, but she probably likes walking…with her dog.)  She loves her dog.

Today is Wendy’s last day.  She’s leaving us to travel the country with her husband for a couple of months, visit her daughter in California, and enjoy her grandchildren more often.  All week, we’ve brought in treats to fatten her up so she can’t fit through the door and leave at the end of the day because we’ll miss her so much.

I suppose it’d be nice if you stopped by to say hi, thanked her for paying your department’s invoices, and took some retirement cake off of her hands.  (Wendy’s daughter is looking forward to the visit and we’ve been told that rolling her down the stairs is not an option.)

Totally kidding, Wendy.  It’s been a pleasure for all of us.

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