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New Things Thursday:: Must. Resist. Buying for Myself.

I have an affinity.  Well…I have several affinities but today we’re talking about my strange one, well… one of my strange ones.  It’s my affinity towards ornamental garlands.  You know… The kind of greenery that you line your mantel with and twist around your stair rails.  I’m like a “moth to a flame” when it comes to faux flowery, piny and grapeviney greenery.  Don’t look at me like that!  Let me explain why.

The attraction originated in 2012 during my first holiday season living away from home.  With a festive heart and a modest budget I set out for Jeffrey Allens and Hobby Lobby to buy decorative holiday foliage.  With a frustrated heart and an irrelevant budget I returned home empty-handed and, if you’ve ever looked closely at the price of ornamental shrubbery, you can understand why.  I was shocked, this first time, to discover that buying enough garlands to decorate my small apartment would’ve meant spending at least triple digits.  Expecially since I was only prepared to spend, as it turned out, enough to buy a line that may make it around my big toe twice.

A lesson was learned in 2012 because since then I’ve executed several opportunities to purchase affordable ornamental garlands.  By now, in fact, I may have too much of it- so must therefore fight the urge to buy more good-priced greenery via ICC Surplus.

You can never have too much evergreen garland.  Well, maybe you can.  But maybe you CAN’T when it’s this affordable! Must. Resist. Buying for myself…