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New Things Thursday:: MAC Attack III

So here I am.  Eating hard boiled eggs, sipping water from my ICC Alumni tumbler, reading through all the e-mails that I missed from being off yesterday.  Then, I noticed an ongoing e-mail conversation about the iMAC’s on Surplus.  The first message reads, “I think we should drop the prices for the holidays” and I’m like, “Woah.” IMG_0363

I chew my egg.  Another e-mail adds, “Drop the prices temporarily and make people pick them up before shutdown.”  Now that’s an idea!  Another confirms,  “Pick up iMAC #1937 by noon on the 23rd of December and pay $200 less than their regularly listed price.”  I sip water and think, “This is big.”

So big, that I’ve gotta get the word out.  Pronto!

I throw the rest of the egg over my shoulder, put my head down and vigorously begin typing up an eNews post that reads, “So here I am…”