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New Things Thursday:: Let Me Be Brief

This New Things Thursday I’m cutting straight to the chase.  I’m going to be straight up and level with you fine eNews readers, because there’s just really no point in trying to make used desks sound cooler than they actually are.  This “no-frills” approach to advertising the newly-added surplus merchandise will actually save us both some time in the long-run.  I won’t ramble on and on about carnival workers with tattoos on their knuckles, like I did last week, and you won’t be sitting at your desk, shaking your head, wondering who comes up with this stuff anyway.

This New Things Thursday, I’ll be brief.  That way, you folks can plainly see what exactly has been added to Surplus this week.  It’s fool-proof, promoting this way, on account of I’ll be cutting quickly to the quip-  but I’ll also be honest with you.  You might just take one look at today’s post and be like, “Here’s the new stools, but where’s the story?  I miss those crazy dumb stories she tells to sell used merchandise.”  Today’s post might get boring and it might be dry, but rest assured, there are more New Things Thursdays to come.

Today ICC Surplus has added a chair, a few chairs actually, and a desk, a couple of desks actually, to the site.  In addition, the aforementioned stools… we’ve added twelve.