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New Things Thursday:: Kitchen Floor Roadkill

Where is most likely the worst possible spot for a child to play?   The middle of the kitchen floor, obviously. I did though. I played there, quiet frequently, when I was little. Sat on the floor, planted myself right in the middle of our house’s Grand Central Station, I did. All the time, I did. Got in the way- got ticked when I had to move. Why?2002 (1)

To play with my plastic refrigerator magnets of course. Shifted the letters into sentence after silly sentence, I did. Made up nonsensical stories and phrases, I did. Was like, “Moooomm….where’s the flyswatter? The letter “O” rolled under the fridge. How am I supposed to spell, “Orangutan?” Or “Don’t step on me, I’m almost finished.” Or “Do you have to open the door right now!? I’m on a rolllll.”

That’s why you need to buy this dry erase board with magnetic letters from Surplus. You can put it anywhere and I doubt that it you’ll put it in front of the fridge.

ICC Surplus: Saving kids from being kitchen floor roadkill since 2010.