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New Things Thursday:: Down the Pike (As in Road)

2001We’ve got a lot of surplus furniture coming down the pike. Is it pike or pipe? ‘Cause it would require a mighty wide pipe to fit all this surplus stuff inside. Then again, by definition, a pike is a large road, a shafted weapon or any of several large, slender, voracious freshwater fishes that have a long, flat snout.  I digress.  We’ve got a lot of furniture coming your way.1989

It’s furniture from the East Peoria library that you can buy today but it won’t be available for pick-up until after finals in May.  Buy the tables, study carrels and wooden arm chairs online in advance so that we can “out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new” efficiently during renovation.  Otherwise our pike might get backed up and we’re not talking muskies or muskets.