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New Things Thursday:: Breakfast in Bed

So you dropped the ball on Valentine’s Day. She would have liked sweets, but it slipped your mind. She favors flowers, but you forgot. She wanted rubies but you ran to the 24-hour Wal-Mart for a quarter-machine ring instead. This is a big no-no, but we at ICC Surplus can get you out of the doghouse and back into her good graces. Listen up. 1986

On Saturday, wake up early, tip-toe down the stairs and run out to the garage in your jammies for the bacon that you’ve buried inside the deep freeze for special occasions. Scurry back inside, open the oven and remove the two fry pans that you strategically hid the night before so that you wouldn’t clank around loudly and wake her up on this crucial morning. Start the coffee, brown the bacon, scramble some eggs and whisper curses to the refrigerator biscuit can for popping open so loudly. (She’s a light sleeper and if she wakes up too early, the plan is foiled.)

Once breakfast is made, choose the meatiest strips of bacon and select the most attractive-looking biscuit to lay alongside the fluffiest of scrambled eggs. Pour her a tall glass of ice cold orange juice and put lots of cream in her mug of coffee. Use your beautiful brand new, second-hand, plastic carafes that you bought from Surplus to fill up the glass and mug. Walk all of this upstairs in unison on top of another recent purchase from Surplus.

1837When you enter the bedroom again, she is just barely waking up. Rubbing her sleepy eyes, she appears to be astonished at the site to behold. “What’s this?” she asks, voice still groggy and soft. To which you reply, “Breakfast, Love. I wanted you to wake up this way because I forgot Valentine’s Day last week.”

“No silly, this…” she points to the wooden tray adorned food, drinks and red rose pedals. “Wherever did you find this handy contraption?”

“ICC Surplus, Love. This breakfast in bed table was featured on New Things Thursday… and it made me think of you.”