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New Things Thursday:: An Ocean of Blue Task Chairs

“You know the way I feel about you, Merriam,” Victor the surplus salesman assured.  “You mean more to me than I can even express.”

“Try…” Merriam answered, softly at first, but after a long pause she threw her head back and urged, “Try Victor…just try to explain how much I mean to you, or else we can’t go on for another minute!”

After another long pause, Victor whispered, “Anything, Merriam.”  He took her hands and placed them on his chest. “I would do anything for you.  I would walk across an ocean of blue task chairs for you.”

Merriam, tore her hands away with disgust.  “Oh Victor, that tells me nothing!  How do you feel about me?!”

He thought for another moment, “Like a man should feel about a woman like you, Merriam.  You’re a tall drink of water and one of a kind- sort of like that army-green shelf on the surplus site today.” He took a step forward.  “I could stare into those soft, two-toned, laminate grey eyes for hours on end.  You know that I could!”

She tore away again, in agony.  “You think that’s all that I want, Victor?  Someone who can stare into my two-toned, laminate grey eyes?  I need a man, Victor.  A man who doesn’t compare me to used furniture all the time.”  She wept.

“But I LOVE used furniture, Merriam…. and I love you.”

The moment that those last three words escaped his lips, her anger and frustration dissipated completely and she flung herself into his arms.  “You love me?” she managed choke out, through tears and extreme emotion, embracing him with all of her might.  To which he answered, “Yes, Merriam.  More than a table on lockable casters- I do.”

Find your love in the ICC Surplus Sale this week!
Express your love in the ICC Surplus Sale this week!