Faculty & Staff

New Sustainability Scholars

For six weeks in the spring semester, 11 faculty members participated in the inaugural Setting the Course for the Future: Incorporating Sustainability Topics into the Curriculum program.  This hybrid sustainability teaching series covered topics to help faculty members better understand the concept of sustainability and how they can include sustainability concepts and projects into their curriculum.  The final project was a redesign of a class assignment to incorporate sustainability.  Several of the faculty members have already incorporated the redesigned assignment and all plan to incorporate it into the fall semester.

The series wrapped up with a potluck lunch and recognition for the 7 members completing the entire course.

ISTC wrap up 5-18-15 crop

If you are interested in learning more about sustainability and how to incorporate sustainability concepts into your curriculum, there will be another opportunity in the fall and spring semesters.  To learn more about how the faculty members are applying what they have learned for the series, please contact one of the new Sustainability Scholars: Christine Strelecky, Catharine Schiadle, Janet Newton, Edwina Jordan, Scott Johnson, Kristin Jacobson Flex or Michelle Nielsen Ott.

Setting the Course for the Future:Incorporating Sustainability Topics into the Curriculum was funded by the ICC Educational Foundation. The Sustainability and Greening the Curriculum Committee is thankful for their support without which the series would not have been possible.