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New Deconstruction Certificate Program Offered this Spring

 ICC will be offering a new certificate program for the spring 2014 semester as part of a statewide grant from the Illinois Green Economy Network (IGEN) to promote green economy initiatives.

The Deconstruction and Building Materials Salvage and Reuse Certificate program also includes certification in Lead RRP (Repair Renovation and Painting) and is designed to prepare students for employment in the deconstruction and building material salvage, reuse and recycling industries. Its goal is to provide options to unemployed, under-employed and other workers, as well as develop career pathways to meet industry needs.

Most students can expect to complete the seven credit hour program in one semester. The four required courses combine online coursework with hands-on learning experience. Successful completion of the program will prepare individuals for entry level positions on construction, deconstruction or material salvage crews and contributes to an associate degree in Architectural Construction Technology.

People interested in working with their hands, developing knowledge of construction and deconstruction, wood working, conservation, home remodeling, as well as recent high school students and entrepreneurs may be interested in this opportunity.

For more information, contact IGEN Regional Coordinator Diana Fuller at (309) 694-8444, or email [email protected].