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New College Regulations Policy now in effect

Effective immediately, officers of ICC’s Campus Police Department will begin enforcement of the recently adopted College Regulations Policy. The policy outlines standards of conduct for everyone on ICC property, including students, employees and visitors.

The College Regulations Policy covers a wide range of improper conduct, including improper parking, smoking, loud music, noise, disorderly conduct, assault, theft, alcohol/drug possession and other violations.

ICC officers have the discretion to issue Regulation Violation Notices (RVNs) for violations of the policy. There is a set monetary fine for each particular violation. When an RVN is issued to a student, a report will be forwarded to the Dean of Students for follow up. A College Regulations Policy Appeals Committee has been established to handle RVN appeals.

All regulations and violations are outlined in the College Regulations Policy, which can be found online by clicking here.

For questions, please contact the ICC Campus Police Department at Ext. 5223.