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ICC Merit Pages upload :: Fall 2018

ICC Public Relations will soon upload to the Merit Pages system the file containing students enrolled for fall 2018. This is a very necessary step each semester, as this upload populates the Merit system with students’ names, emails, and hometowns as they are listed in PeopleSoft. We use this information to promote student achievements to students, family, friends, potential employers, and (sometimes) the students’ hometown newspapers, local elected officials, and former high schools. Students who are new to ICC also will receive a welcome email with more information on how they can claim their individual Merit Page and customize it to suit their needs.

ICC’s official Merit Page

  • What about privacy concerns? The file we upload does not include students with a FERPA hold or those who have elected to opt out of the Merit Pages system. They will never be included in achievements distributed to media.
  • What’s new this year? Merit has launched a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Also, high schools can send ICC comments on our published achievements. (Local high schools and media outlets have their own Merit login to receive these achievements.)
  • How can I help? If you have student achievements you’d like to promote, please use the Merit Contributor Form, or email Chief Public Relations Officer Valerie Welsh at [email protected] with the details.

Thank you for your assistance in promoting our students’ successes, activities, and programs.