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Lora Murphy Recognized as Distinguished Educator in eLearning

In fall 2015, Dean of Health Careers Wendee Guth nominated Lora Murphy (Health Careers) for an Instructional Technology Council (ITC) Award for Excellence, Outstanding Distance Learning Faculty. ITC will recognize Lora’s exemplary work as a Distinguished Educator at the ITC eLearning Recognition Luncheon on Tuesday, February 16, in Scottsdale, Arizona, and she will receive a framed certificate for her achievements.

Read more about Lora from the ITC nomination application:

“Lora serves as a lead instructor in medical terminology and holds adjunct faculty status. Lora has taught medical terminology in-person, as an independent study, and online. She has taught medical terminology online for 6 years. She coordinates 18-20 sections of HLTH121 – Medical Terminology each fall, and spring, and 8-10 sections in the summer term. She mentors, trains, and supports up to 20 full-time, adjunct, and high school dual credit faculty teaching HLTH121 each term. Lora also team teaches HLTH121 for online high school dual credit sections of the class.

Lora coordinates an annual faculty meeting of medical terminology instructors and meets one-on-one to faculty new to teaching medical terminology. Lora creates, maintains, and continuously improves HLTH121 coursework each semester. She also maintains and shares a master course content site with all HLTH121 faculty. ‘If all you have to do is change the dates, you have more time to interact with students.’ ‘I would do anything for the faculty; I want them to grow.’ Lora demonstrates this same commitment to her students as exemplified by the quality of the coursework she has prepared for them, as well as her presence and accessibility as an online instructor.

Lora’s class requires students to master medical terminology. She provides students with an experience beyond memorizing word parts and definitions. She helps students draw connections between and among medical terminology, careers, and life experiences. She helps students discover relevance through context so they will be more motivated to learn medical terminology, and will be able to more effectively apply what they are learning to their lives and careers. Lora creates an online community of learners and plays a visible, responsive, effective role in that community among her students. Lora makes med term more than a, ‘…just take the test,’ experience for students, which has caused the students to become more interested in the class. Lora has demonstrated her personal commitment to lifelong learning by starting the Illinois Online Network Master Online Teacher certificate program, and participating in Illinois Central College’s Online Faculty Fellows program, a peer coaching program for faculty teaching online.”