Faculty & Staff

Looking for an opportunity to learn what your colleagues across campus do each day?

If you answered yes, then this program is for you – Teaching Squares, Diamond Dialogues and Cougar Combos. You choose the program and schedule that fits your needs.

Teaching Squares
is an opportunity for faculty toobserve colleagues in a classroom setting.

Diamond Dialogues
is an opportunity for staff to experience areas of the college that service our students and employees.

Cougar Combos
is a chance for faculty and staff to share both the classroom environment and the service side of ICC.

Each program requires approximately 8 hours of time during a 8 week period. Attendance at this kick-off session and the closing session on November 18 are required for all participants. Scheduling for the individual observations is flexible and set according to your schedule. All staff and faculty are encouraged to participate.

The Kick-Off Session for all programs is scheduled for Tuesday, September 23, 2:00-3:00 pm, Room 231A, East Peoria Campus

Register online for all programs. Registration deadline is September 17.