Faculty & Staff

Library, Studio, Learning Labs prepare to relocate

Beginning May 16, the Peoria Campus Library, Learning Labs (including the Math Lab), as well as The Studio, will make the move from Arbor Hall to the Student Center. Soon after this move, the Downtown Campus Library and Learning Labs also will relocate to the Peoria Campus.

The Downtown Campus Library then will be closed, with the exception of faculty requests for assistance. Computer lab staffing and tutoring at the Downtown Campus will continue to be available upon request throughout the summer session. Faculty needing assistance may call Ext. 6833.

Current phone numbers for the main lines for the Library, Learning Labs and The Studio will remain the same:

  • Library – Ext. 6837
  • Learning Lab – Ext. 6833
  • Math Lab –  East Peoria Campus – Ext. 5222/Peoria Campus – Ext. 6833
  • The Studio – Ext. 6809

While little to no disruption of service to patrons is anticipated during the moves, we appreciate your patience as we settle into our new home!

For questions regarding the Library or Learning Labs, please contact Library Services Director Cate Kaufman, Ext. 8504 or email [email protected]. For questions regarding The Studio, please contact Fallon Allison, Ext. 5292 or email [email protected]. For questions regarding the Math Lab, please contact Jeff Hempstead, Ext. 5222 or email [email protected].