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Introducing Merit Pages :: Help ICC promote student success!

ICC’s Marketing Department recently began using a web-based software called Merit Pages to help us promote student success, and we need your help!

Merit Pages allows ICC to take student success stories and publish them online. It can automatically send stories to student hometown newspapers and provides the student with a link to the story that can be shared online via social media channels. Each student achievement earns the student an ICC Merit Badge that becomes part of a powerful and professional online portfolio that showcases student success for use as an online resume for jobs, internships, and references after graduation.

We’ve already granted some achievements this summer, and all students enrolled for fall semester 2014 will receive an Enrollment Badge this week.

We produced the video below to explain Merit Pages to students. Feel free to show this video explanation to any students who may need more information.

It’s easy to promote student success. Good Merit stories include specific students and specific achievements.

If you have a Merit Pages student success to share, please email the following to Valerie Welsh at [email protected]:

  1. List of students in an Excel file. The minimum requirement for adding students to Merit at this time is the first name, last name, postal code, hometown, and student lab email address. Parent email address is also helpful, if you have it available.
  2. Email a description of the achievement. What did the students accomplish? Describe what honor they earned, program they completed or award they won.
  3. Email a sentence or two about the class or program affiliated with the honor, such as the official name and description of the student group, information on the academic program and what the degree leads to.

Please contact Valerie Welsh at [email protected] for questions or for more information.