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Introducing Cougar Colleagues Chat

Cougar Colleagues Chat is designed to promote college orientation, enculturation and networking for ICC’s newest part-time staff members. Sessions will include approximately 30 minutes of topic-based discussion followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. Topic presenters, Human Resources staff and Mentoring Group members will be available during the Q&A portion. Sessions will be scheduled twice a month, with topics being repeated each session. Participants need only attend one session as best fits their schedule.

The topic for September is Technology Tips from the TLC staff.  Sessions are scheduled for:

  • Tuesday, September 23, 10-11 am, 214B, East Peoria Campus
  • Wednesday, September 24, 3-4 pm, 214B, East Peoria Campus

RSVP for September at [email protected] or 694-5442.

Future sessions will be scheduled on the:

  • 4th Tuesday of each month (Sept, Oct, Nov, Feb, Mar, Apr) from 10-11 am, topic and location to be determined
  • 4th Wednesday of each month (Sept, Oct, Nov, Feb, Mar, Apr) from 3-4 pm, topic and location to be determined.

Watch the Organizational Learning calendar and weekly email for monthly topics and locations.

Questions? Contact [email protected] or 694-5442.