Faculty & Staff

Interest Based Bargaining/Conflict Resolution – Tuesday, July 8

Susan Voight-Reising, communications specialist with SVR Communications, will facilitate an Interest Based Bargaining/Conflict Resolution workshop on  Tuesday, July 8. This workshop covers the IBB process used by ICC during contract negotiations. It also offers insights and techniques for employees who may experience conflict in the workplace. This workshop is open to all faculty, staff and management, full- and part-time.

Interest Based Bargaining/Conflict Resolution – Conflict can often occur in the work place. Without resolution, that conflict can grow creating discord among employees. The IBB/Conflict Resolution workshop provides an opportunity for participants to experience the conflict resolution process. Focus will be on the skills and techniques used with interest based bargaining. Through a series of discussions and activities, participants will learn to recognize IBB terms, discern between positions and interests, and define legitimacies and how to use them.

Tuesday, July 8, 1:00-4:00pm
Agricultural & Industrial Technologies Bldg. Room 203, East Peoria Campus

Reserve your spot by contacting [email protected] or 694-5442.

This workshop is part of the ICC Leadership Series. To learn more about the series visit the Instructional Innovation website.