Faculty & Staff

ICC Provides Support to Midstate College

We’d like to update employees regarding the steps ICC leadership has taken since the announcement of Midstate College’s closing.

The ICC leadership team recently met with Midstate’s President and Provost to offer support for their students by providing options to complete a credential.  Additionally, we are exploring outplacement opportunities for Midstate employees, administrative support, and faculty to ensure there are no gaps in access to higher education in the district.

We have created an online expedited admission process, in which students will be asked for a very limited amount of information.  This will allow Midstate to release students’ transcripts and records to us, available at icc.edu/midstate.

We are also hosting an Open House on Monday, August 5 from 4 to 8 pm on the Peoria Campus at Arbor Hall, where we’ll provide Midstate students and their families’ information and transfer assistance.  However, any and all interested students, as well as adult learners, are welcome to attend the Open House.  More information on the Open House is available at icc.edu/msopenhouse.  ICC will attend Midstate College’s transfer fair on August 13, as well.

Midstate students looking for information prior to the Open House can call ICC Admissions at (309) 694-5200 or [email protected].

Please help spread the word.  Thank you.

For questions, please contact Vice President of Student Success Rocco Cappello at (309) 694-8970.