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ICC Pays it Forward…Tech equipment donations benefit Norwood Primary School

ICC recently donated 42 Gateway desktop computers, 45 flat screen monitors and 21 desktop speakers to Norwood Primary School in Peoria.

The donations are part of a recycling program which has allowed ICC the chance to rotate its computer stock and get refurbished computers and equipment into the hands of the schools and other institutions in need.

Norwood District 63 IT Coordinator Cindy James says the donation allowed the school district to replace all the computers, monitors, mice and keyboards in Norwood Primary School’s lab.

“As a low-income school district, it can be challenging to find the resources to meet the technology needs of our students,” James explained. These computers will be used daily for technology instruction for our K-4 students and allow us to comply with the demands of computerized testing. We greatly appreciate receiving these computers from Illinois Central College.”

ICC has donated its computers for more than a decade. The timing of the donations all depends on the needs of the community and the availability of stock. Preference is given to educational facilities and to those other institutions which will use the computers for educational purposes.

In the past year, ICC has given computers to the Salvation Army, Peoria Christian School, East Bluff Community Center and Norwood Elementary School, just to name a few.

The college generally keeps a waiting list of schools and other facilities requesting the refurbished computers. Recipient organizations receive equipment which is restored to its original condition or better and must agree in writing not to re-sell the computers.