Faculty & Staff

ICC Leadership Series

The ICC Leadership Series (ICCLS) is designed to inspire and equip ICC employees with the knowledge and skills needed to lead the college into the future. The series consists of 15 workshops taken through PDI and Organizational Learning. The series should take approximately two years to complete with a certificate awarded at the end. The series is free to ICC employees and open to all faculty and staff, full and part-time, with supervisor approval.

Several ICC employees are currently working toward the ICCLS certificate. If you are in this group and feel that you have completed or are near completion of the series, contact Organizational Learning at [email protected] or 694-5442.

If you would like more information on the series, go to the ICCLS webpage at http://icc.edu/faculty-staff/teaching-learning-center/organizational-learning/icc-leadership-series/ or contact Organization Learning at [email protected] or 694-5442.