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ICC Hosts 40th Annual Power Show for Area High School Students

ICC  will host its 40th annual Power Show for area high school students on Tuesday, October 7, from 8:30 am to 1 pm, at ICC’s Agricultural and Industrial Technologies Building, East Peoria. The event is aimed at promoting opportunities in the automotive and diesel industries and highlights programs offered at ICC.

The college is expecting students from at least six local high schools to participate in the day’s events, which includes contests to judge the students’ automotive and diesel skills. Current ICC GM-ASEP and Automotive Technology students will judge participants’ performance and award trophies for several contests, including Time the Engine, ASE Transmissions Skills, Grand National Tire Change Challenge, Change the Sparkplugs, the Multimeter Challenge and Shop Fluids Identification.

Several models of cars, trucks, heavy equipment and race vehicles also will be on display.

To find out more on the Power Show or ICC’s GM-ASEP and Automotive Technologies programs, call David Morgenstern at (309) 694-5192 or Janell Brooks at (309) 694-5616.