Faculty & Staff

ICC Harbinger receives accolades at the ICCJA

Staff of ICC’s student-run newspaper, The Harbinger, celebrated some well-earned accolades this weekend at the Illinois Community College Journalism Association (ICCJA) Spring Conference.

The ICC Harbinger staff brought home 12 awards and 2 honorable mentions from the ICCJA Spring 2013 Conference. Pictured from left to right are: (Top Row) Jason Howell, Zach Langloss, Adam Baker, (Bottom Row) Jordyn Shawhan, and Kristina Austin. Photo courtesy of the ICC Harbinger and Catherine Schaidle – advisor.

The ICC Harbinger student reporters brought home the following awards for Division II Schools:
• 1st Place for Freehand Cartoons – Val Bayless
• 1st Place in News – Kristina Austin
• 1st Place for Photo Spread – Jordan Lehman
• 1st Place in Sports Features – Matt McClain and Jason Ellis
• 1st Place in Sports News – Matt McClain
• 2nd Place in Columns (excluding sports) – Kristina Austin
• 2nd Place for Photo Spread – Jordan Lehman
• 3rd Place in Features – Kristina Austin
• 3rd Place in Graphics – Kaitlyn Tighe
• 3rd Place in Sports Features – Jason Ellis
• Honorable Mention in Sports News – Jason Ellis
• Honorable Mention in Sports Photo – Jason Howell

The ICC Harbinger also received a 2nd Place award for Front Page Design and 2nd Place in Overall Excellence (The Mike Foster Award) for Division II Schools.

Check out the work of our decorated student reporters at www.iccharbinger.com or find photo coverage of the 2013 ICCJA Spring Conference at the ICC Harbinger Facebook page.