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ICC Employee Volleyball Tournament Slated for January 13

The number four has long been associated with many significant things. The Beatles were known as the Fab Four. There are four basic mathematical operations. There are four cardinal directions on a compass. Presidential elections, leap years and the Olympic Games occur every four years.

On January 13, the number takes on more significance as four teams battle it out in the ICC Co-Ed Employee Volleyball Tournament in the gym at the ICC CougarPlex.

The four squads will each play three matches in the round-robin tournament, which begins at 2 pm.

Teams, captains and participants include:

  • Team A – Paul Resnick (captain), Cheryl Resnick, Jeff Constable, John Armon, Molly Bragg, Cathy Hardy, Corey Lyons
  • Team B – Ed Babcock (captain), Ryne Meardy, Jason Dally, Amy Young, Kim Malcolm, Jennifer Hughes, Jessica Meardy
  • Team C – Trevor Imm (captain), Jessica Trad, Todd Fortier, David Morganstern, Corinne Brown, Stacy Gehrig, Kristin Imm, Blake Leman
  • Team D – Loyd Kirby (captain), Kelly Thannum, Jimmy Vlasis, Stacy Turpen, Erika Schwiderski, Jasmin Young, Nancy Heuer-Evans, Michelle Nielsen Ott

Games are scheduled to begin at 2 pm. Be sure to attend and cheer on your colleagues and co-workers!