Faculty & Staff

ICC Employee Slow-Pitch Softball Tournament Set for Sept. 30

Athletics is full of classic rivalries, such as Cubs versus Cardinals and Bears versus Packers. On Friday, September 30 at 2 pm on the ICC Softball Field, a new sports rivalry is set to join the list when Babcock’s Bombers square off against Resnick’s Ruffians in the ICC Employee Slow-Pitch Softball Tournament.

Originally scheduled during the Week of Welcome but postponed twice due to inclement weather, 21 participants are signed up to participate in this best-of-three-games competition. Participants include:

  • Resnick’s Ruffians (the blue team): Paul Resnick (captain), Laura Bradshaw, Molly Bragg, Jeff Constable, Trevor Imm, Keith Ingold, Loyd Kirby, Tracy Morris, Stacy Turpen, James Vlasis.
  • Babcock’s Bombers (the gold team): Ed Babcock (captain), Philip Booker, Rich Fields, Terri Ingles, Tony Jones, Corey Lyons, Michelle Nielsen Ott, Emily Points, Karrie Redeker, Cheryl Resnick, John Tuccillo.

Come on out and cheer for your colleagues and co-workers!