Faculty & Staff

ICC Children’s Center seeking donated items

We are grateful for any and all donations to the Children’s Center!

If you are doing your Spring Cleaning at home or in the office, consider donating these items. Teacher and the children use them for many of their activities.

  • New elastic – all sizes and lengths
  • Velcro dots and pieces
  • Food coloring
  • Men’s shoes for dress up – smaller sizes 6-8
  • Voss water plastic bottles with lids
  • ViewMaster reels
  • ViewMaster viewers
  • Stickers from junk mail….all kinds
  • Sensitive skin shaving cream
  • Paper lunch bags
  • Foam pieces from appliances
  • Clean, spring-type clothes pins
  • Magazines – arts, science, nature, animals

Drop off donated items at Children’s Center Manager Melanie Fleming’s office, Room 127B on the East Peoria Campus, or send items (as appropriate) through campus mail addressed to Melanie’s attention in Room 221C.