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ICC “Between the Lines” Program Explores the Impact of Ginsberg’s 1956 Poem “Howl” Feb. 6

Join Illinois Central College’s “Between the Lines” program as it explores the impact of one poem on 1950’s era American culture. “Starving, Hysterical, Naked: Allen Ginsberg’s Howl,” moderated by ICC Professor Jim Sullivan, is set for Mon., Feb. 6 at 2:30 pm in Room 212C/D on the ICC East Peoria Campus.

It would be hard to find a poem that has changed American culture to the extent that Allen Ginsberg’s great rant of a poem Howl did when it was published in 1956. It tore the cover off the placid media image of America, drawing attention to all those who did not fit into the supposed mainstream of American life. It offered a wild denunciation of the world Ginsberg found himself in as well as a spiritual vision of a more compassionate America.

“Between the Lines” is a lecture series presented by the faculty members of the English, Humanities and Language Studies Department at ICC. The goal of the series is to offer literary presentations which will interest students and people in the community as well as promote reading literacy and scholarly study.

The programs are free and open to the public.

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