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ICC Announces Open Enrollment Dates for Summer and Fall 2015 Semesters

Illinois Central College this year will offer an early start for the summer semester open enrollment period. Open enrollment for the summer 2015 semester will begin at midnight on Monday, March 30. Enrollment for the fall 2015 semester will begin a week later, on Monday, April 6, at midnight. Summer semester classes begin on Monday, June 1, and fall semester classes begin on Monday, August 17.

Those interested in enrolling for either semester should first apply online to ICC at icc.edu/apply and then should follow the steps to enroll, including setting up an appointment to see an academic advisor. Information requested on the application form includes the student’s social security number, mailing address, phone numbers, email address, emergency contact information and intended program of study. Applicants also may download and mail the form to ICC Enrollment Services.

Applicants also should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at https://fafsa.ed.gov/ and list ICC on the form in order to be fully considered for federal student aid opportunities.

To view ICC’s current catalog online, visit icc.edu/academics/catalog/

The complete summer and fall 2015 class schedules also are available online at icc.edu/academics/class-schedule/

For more information or for questions about enrolling, please call ICC at (309) 694-5-ICC.