Faculty & Staff

HLC Recap & Celebration

Dear colleagues,

It’s been a very exciting two days at Illinois Central College.  On Monday and Tuesday, our reaffirmation of accreditation process culminated with an on-campus visit from the HLC peer reviewers.  ICC employees truly came together as a team and represented the College amazingly well.

I’m very proud to report some feedback from the reviewers:

  • They repeatedly commented on employees’ enthusiasm and commitment to student success.
  • They were welcomed by over 100 ICC students during the student lunch meeting.
  • They were inspired by faculty and staff actively engaging in a strategic plan where students are placed first.
  • They were impressed by how ICC lives its mission and makes a difference in the community.
  • They were complimentary of ICC’s approach to their time on campus.  They felt the entire campus was engaged, organized and very welcoming.
  • They discussed how ICC is committed to student success in all we do.

Colleagues, these wonderful comments are a reflection of the hard work you’ve contributed over the history of the College, with the new strategic plan and over the past 18 HLC prep months.  As I’ve said before, every single one of you makes a difference and impacts our students’ lives.  Kudos to you all.

Next, in the reaffirmation process, we will receive the final report in a few months.  We’ll keep you updated on the results and share any information we receive right away.

So congratulations!  Now, it’s time to celebrate.  We are planning an All-Employee Celebration to honor you and your hard work.  Sit tight as details will be shared soon.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for your contributions to meeting our HLC challenges.  Let’s celebrate a job well done and continue changing lives in our community.  Congratulations!

With thanks and in sincere appreciation,

Dr. Sheila Quirk-Bailey
1 College Drive
East Peoria, Illinois 61635