Faculty & Staff

Group Fitness New Year Challenge :: During the weeks of Feb. 4 through March 17

Join the Fitness Center’s Group Fitness New Year Challenge, and get started on a healthier you in 2019!

Just pick a fitness goal in one of these areas to improve upon for six weeks:

  • Cardiovascular capacity (Get your heart pumping)
  • Muscular endurance (Become one tough cookie)
  • Flexibility (Increase your range of motion)
  • Core strength (Abs, back, glutes, hips)

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Schedule a pre-assessment with the Fitness Center during the week of February 4 in the area in which you would like to improve.
  2. Attend group fitness classes recommended just for you.
  3. Work hard for six weeks to see your optimal improvement.
  4. Schedule a post-assessment during the week of March 17 to see how you have improved over six weeks.

For questions or to schedule your pre-assessment, please contact Liz Burns at Ext. 8924 or email [email protected].