Faculty & Staff

Green Button Emergency Desktop Icon Issues

The Green Button Emergency Desktop Icon currently is not working from a number of computers on campus. Until you are notified that Technology Services has fixed the issue, please be aware you may need to use other means to contact Campus Police in an emergency, which include:

  • Dialing 5111 from a classroom or hall phone
  • Dialing 694-5111 from a cell phone
  • Using the Rave Guardian App from your smartphone

To verify if the Green Button is working from your computer, you may double-click on the desktop icon. If the dialog box appears immediately, the Green Button is functional. Please click on “Exit” or X out of the box afterwards so an emergency alert is not sent to Campus Police.

For more information on the Green Button, see the Emergency Desktop Icon / Green Button Instructions on ICCNET under “Miscellaneous.”

Submitted by Deputy Chief Erika Schwiderski.