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GET DOUBLE POINTS by joining the Veteran’s Day and America Recycles Day Activities!

How? Get Recycling! In honor of Veteran’s Day and America Recycles day, PepsiCo Dream Machine recycling kiosks will be offering double reward points and coupons for the bottles and cans you recycle!

America Recycles Day and Veteran’s Day fall within the same week, and we’re using these events to kick off the 2013-14 Pepsi Campus Recycling Challenge. The promotion will run from November 11- November 17, so be sure to visit the kiosk in one of the cafes on campus – East Peoria cafeteria, Cafe Breve, or Birchwood Cafe – to recycle your plastic PET #1 beverage bottles and aluminum cans.

The recycled materials collected in Dream Machines make it possible for PepsiCo Recycling to donate funds to the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV). Aside from the inherent benefits of keeping our campus free of beverage can litter and our landfills free of recyclable materials, the cans and bottles you recycle in a Dream Machine help support disabled U.S. veterans.

ICC is competing for points against other colleges and universities across the country to see who can collect the most materials through the Dream Machine program. Be sure to check out our school’s progress on the new Campus Recycling Challenge Leaderboard on the PepsiCo Recycling website, www.PepsiCoRecycling.com .

Let’s show those other schools what the Cougars are made of!