Faculty & Staff

FROM THE PRESIDENT — An Exciting Year  

July 18, 2019


Dear ICC colleagues,

I hope you’re enjoying your summer.  The fall semester will be here before we know it, and I can’t wait to see everyone on campus again.  As we begin a new fiscal year, I wanted to provide updates on the exciting things that have happened and are currently taking place here at ICC:

Show Me The Money

See, I told you it would be exciting!  I’m happy to announce you will be receiving a two percent raise.  You are all doing great things to change people’s lives.  Keep up the excellent work.  You are appreciated!

Mo’ Money

I am beyond excited to announce the Economic Development Administration has granted us $3 million, which will be combined with $3 million from the state and $3 million from ICC, to build a Workforce Sustainability Center.  Thirteen programs will be housed in this state of the art facility.  The Center will be a powerful force in the region as it benefits our students and community by filling critical jobs and meeting the workforce needs.

Check out the WEEK article here: https://week.com/news/peoria-news/2019/07/16/icc-receives-3-million-federal-grant-for-workforce-sustainability-center/

Ready to Work Expo

We hosted our Ready to Work Expo in the AIT Building on July 11-12 to showcase career-building programs in high-demand, higher-wage fields, as we lead the community effort to bridge the workforce gap.  Kudos to so many who made this a success, as 350 people walked through our doors and left excited about their future.  It was great to see departments come together and thanks to faculty who participated during their summer time off. From the beautifully crafted horticulture display, to the engaged participants and smiling faculty and staff, I think everyone walked away uplifted and unified with our mission.

Click here to view pictures from the expo.

Highlights from FY2019

Here are just a few of the exciting achievements from this past fiscal year:

  • Completed the 2019 AQIP Systems Portfolio and quality assurance documentation to the HLC
  • Received just under $5 million in competitive and agency grants to support our initiatives
  • Implemented planning and budgeting modules of SPOL
  • Designed and launched the New Faculty Institute
  • Established outcomes assessment processes for academic programs, disciplines, and academic support services
  • Trained 120 group facilitators to lead community discussions on race, diversity, and equity
  • Hosted the Peoria Summit on Racial Justice and Equity
  • Expanded our evening college and “multiple start” program offerings
  • Selected and purchased TargetX, a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform
  • Established new 2+2 articulation agreements with four colleges and universities
  • Designed the pilot structure for a new First Semester Experience to begin this fall
  • Concluded a thorough study of academic placement approaches in math and English
  • Established transcript data-sharing agreements with several area high schools to further study and improve academic placement
  • Completed the upgrade of the phone system, replacing over 1,500 phones
  • Enacted a Wi-Fi stabilization and enhancement initiative to vastly improve connectivity and functionality throughout campus and in classrooms
  • Launched a rollout of student-facing computers and technology updates in the classrooms; instructor login will take a fraction of the time and equipment will be upgraded to improve the classroom environment and student experience
  • Upgraded mail server to CloudMail for better speed; PeopleSoft, Finance and 25Live moved to new cloud-hosted service
  • Enhanced system security by implementing the two-factor authentication process
  • Rolled out the Guardian App, providing enhanced communication directly with Campus Police
  • Enhanced the external public address system and executed additional evacuation drills on all campuses and student housing to prepare students and staff in the event of an “event”
  • Completed over $5 million in projects designed to improve efficiency and keep a safe, clean environment for our students and employees
  • Completed reorganizations of Human Resources, Marketing and Institutional Advancement, and Workforce Development to improve efficiency and level of service
  • Conducted a comprehensive review with PeopleSoft consultants to identify opportunities to improve processes and optimize use of technology

Whew, we were busy.  I can’t wait to see the exciting things we accomplish this upcoming year!

Smooth Roads = Smooth Sailing

The East Peoria Campus entryway, roadways and parking lots have undergone facelifts this summer.  Soon, gone will be the days of disappearing in potholes.  Great job to Facilities Services for their work and for keeping us in-the-loop on closures.

Lastly, mark your calendars for our Celebration of Learning on Monday, August 12 through Friday, August 16.  I’m looking forward to starting another exciting year.

Your proud and grateful president,

Dr. Sheila Quirk-Bailey