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Campus Dining Offers Friday all-day Breakfast at the Grill

Beginning Friday, September 18, Campus Dining will be serving only breakfast all day from the Grill Area. You will be able to select your favorite breakfast and have it for lunch.

Do you know the origin of the JAYS muffin?

Around the 1989 or 1990, back when there was a smaller cafeteria, Jules was a grill cook and the originator of this flavorful combination of an English muffin, a slice of cheese, bacon or sausage patty and an egg. It was easy to grab and eat with one hand on the go. It was dubbed the Jules muffin. Upon her retirement from ICC, the muffin morphed into Youmna’s muffin. This was way too difficult for ordering and customers were confused. So the four grill cooks at the time, (Joanne, Ana, Youmna and Sally) got together and using the first letter of each of their names, renamed the flavorful combination the “JAYS” muffin. To this day it has remained the JAYS muffin.

On the menu for the chef’s corner this Friday will be hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken strips, mash potatoes and gravy, corn, French fries and tenderloins to celebrate National Cheeseburger Day!!!