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Fiscal Year 2014 HIPAA Notice

Notice for all health care plan participants: Group health plans sponsored by State and local governmental employers must generally comply with Federal law requirements in title XXVII of the Public Health Service Act.  However, these employers are permitted to elect to exempt a plan from the requirements listed below for any part of the plan that is “self-funded” by the employer, rather than provided through a health insurance policy.  Although Illinois Central College voluntarily provides these benefits, we have elected to file this notice to preserve the health plan’s rights exempt from the following requirements at some point in the future: 

  1. Protection against limiting hospital stays in connection with the birth of a child to less than 48 hours for a vaginal delivery, and 96 hours for a cesarean section.
  2. Protection against having benefits for mental health and substance use disorders be subject to more restrictions than apply to medical and surgical benefits covered by the plan. 
  3. Certain requirements to provide benefits for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. 

The exemption from these Federal requirements will be in effect for the Plan Year beginning 7/1/2013 and ending 6/30/2014.  The election may be renewed for subsequent plan years. 

This election will not change the present coverage or benefits under the Plan.  However, we are required to notify you of this election.  The FY14 eligibility, pre-existing and mental health benefits and limitations remain the same.

If you have any questions, please contact Tim Anderson, Ext. 8911 or Angie McElyea, Ext. 5398.