Faculty & Staff

Enjoy ICC-grown Food at the Celebration of Learning Courtyard Picnic August 10

Join your coworkers for the Celebration of Learning Courtyard Picnic on Wednesday, August 10, and you’ll get a taste of some of the fresh food being grown right here at ICC!

It’s all part of a cooperative initiative between the Hort Lab, Campus Dining, and the Sustainability Committee to bring the food cycle full circle. The process begins with the composting of food waste in the Tres Café, then growing and harvesting the vegetables in the Hort Lab, and then harvesting the vegetables for use once again in the Tres Café. On Wednesday, the Courtyard Picnic will feature fresh tomato slices and potato salad made from potatoes and green peppers grown on the East Peoria Campus. You can even play a game at the Sustainability Committee’s booth for a chance to win ICC-grown fresh cherry tomatoes!

Dining Services is tracking the waste and the end-produce savings for reporting purposes. We’ll have more updates as the program progresses.

See you at the Courtyard Picnic!