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Employee Recognition

In April, 2015 ICC held their annual Employee Recognition Reception. During Employee Recognition ICC recognized an adjunct faculty member that was nominated by a student. The Teaching Excellence Award is the highest student-nominated award and it went to Kamara Taylor.

This is the excerpt written about Kamara from the student nominations:

Ms. Kamara Taylor is a most outstanding faculty member of psychology.  Her personal style of teaching is genuine from the fact that she gets to know every student.  If you email her a question she will not only follow-up with you via email but she will also check with you the next time she sees you.  Ms. Taylor encourages cooperation among students through group projects and class presentations.  She also encourages students to participate in the lectures.  When students share a personal experience she incorporates that into her lecture and uses that to emphasize the lesson being taught.  She adds real life situations from her past experiences which add culture, humor and lessons otherwise hard to learn.  This style allows for great discussion involving diversity.  Professor Taylor shares her tales of growing up on the West-Side of Chicago and that allows a multitude of students to share things from their lives which has a huge benefit in learning Psychology.  Ms. Taylor fosters an environment that is safe and comfortable for learning; she has a confidence that commands respect and she shows respect to each and every student in her classes.

Congratulations Kamara!!

ICC would like to also extend a “Save the Date” to all ICC employees for the 2016 Employee Recognition Reception scheduled for April 29, 2016. Plan to attend and celebrate with your colleagues.