Faculty & Staff

Employee Health Screenings Coming Soon

Optimum Health Solutions will offer Health Screenings for ICC employees, retirees, and their spouses.
An informational letter will be mailed to your home in an ICC envelope. This letter is expected to go out on August 19.

Screening Dates & Locations

East Peoria Campus, Room 212C:

  • Sept. 13, 15, 20 and 21

North Campus:

  • Sept. 14 – Arbor 124
  • Sept. 22 – Arbor 112

Downtown Campus, Thomas 15:

  • Sept. 14 and 22

How to register for a screening: Watch your mail for an instructional letter from Optimum Health Solutions. Using the instructions, complete an online Personal Wellness Profile and make an appointment for a screening date and location that best fits your schedule.

Cost to participate:

  • Full-Time Employees – no charge
    • Spouses on Health Plan – no charge
    • Spouses not on ICC Health Plan – $70.00
  • Part-Time Employees  – no charge
    • Spouses  – $70.00
  • Retirees on the ICC (Consociate) Health Plan – no charge
    • Spouses  – no charge
  • Retirees on the State or other Health Plan – $70.00
    • Spouses – $70.00

All fees will be collected at the screening by a staff member from the ICC Health Services Department.

What should I expect the day of the screening?

The screening assessments will include a venous blood draw consisting of a complete lipid panel, metabolic profile, and complete blood count. TSH for women over 40 and PSA for men over 40. Additionally, height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, body composition, and heart rate will be assessed.

If you have questions regarding your screening appointment or completing your personal wellness profile, please contact Optimum Health Solutions at (309) 691-6383. Please select option #1.

For more information, contact Health Services at (309) 694-5481.