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The Educational Foundation 2018 Employee Campaign: Small contributions = Big impact

What your contribution means to students:

A $20 bus pass…a $5 lunch in the Tres Café…$10 for a locker rental.

Having access to these seemingly simple items might not seem life altering to most of us, but they could mean the difference for a student choosing between attending college or stopping out. All of these “convenience” items are real-life examples of what a small thing can mean for a student’s future.

Take the locker for example. Josh is a homeless student who just needed somewhere to keep all of his worldly possessions safe while he was in class. Providing him a locker free of charge for the academic year, funded by an employee’s generous contribution, took that burden away from him so he could focus completely on his education and on bettering his life. Megan had trouble concentrating in class over the growling of her stomach. There’s no food in her fridge, and pay day isn’t for another week. A gift card to Tres Café eased those hunger pangs and some of the worry of the day. Sean is trying to get a better education that leads to a family sustaining wage, but he finds it hard to get to class on time, or at all, without reliable transportation. A free bus pass is a small investment with a big return for his family.

These are just a few of the examples of ways employee contributions can help our students. There are so many other stories out there.

The Educational Foundation appreciates every single contribution. At the highest level of support, employees commit to joining the 1% Club, where 1% of the employee’s monthly or biweekly paycheck is automatically deposited to the fund of the contributor’s choice. However, we understand that not everyone is able to commit to that level of giving. If that is the case for you, would you consider a smaller amount of monthly giving or a one-time donation of any amount to make a difference in a student’s life?

The 2018 Employee Campaign is underway. Members of the Educational Foundation Employee Campaign Committee will be visiting department meetings in the coming weeks to inform employees about the various giving options and the choices of funds. Each employee will receive a pledge card with various levels of giving and options for contributing explained. Even if the 1% Club does not fit into your budget, please consider a one-time gift of any amount for the many more students – like Josh, Megan, and Sean – out there.

The Excellence Fund, General Scholarship Fund, Student Emergency Fund and Fresh Start Scholarships are significantly funded through individuals contributing to the Employee Campaign. The campaign is a vital part of these funds ability to assist students – in some cases, one small contribution at a time.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and for your generous support of ICC and our students.

For questions, please contact the Educational Foundation at Ext. 5530.