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Dr. Rick Polanin elected as Vice President of the American Welding Society

At the Fabrication and Manufacturing Conference and Exposition (FABTECH) in November, the American Welding Society National Nominating Committee selected Dr. Rick Polanin (AIT) as vice president-elect.

Polanin will move through the vice president chairs and become president of the AWS in 2021. As president, he will be responsible for assisting in the planning and execution of the societies’ global strategy. He will meet with national and international leaders of professional organizations, government, and education to promote United States welding and manufacturing globally.

The American Welding Society is the leading global organization for material joining with more than 73,000 individual members and 2,500 corporate members. With annual revenue of more than $30 million and assets of $150 million, the AWS is one of the premier professional organizations in the United States.