Faculty & Staff

Curriculum and Scheduling Services (CSS) Updates

Curriculum and Scheduling Services has relocated to 240B. Feel free to stop in if you need assistance.

  • Lesley Zimmerman, Manager, Curriculum and Scheduling Services, 240B, 694-5475, [email protected] :: Overall Management of the CSS Office = ICCB curricular approval, academic scheduling, catalog
  • Wanda Hunt, Academic Scheduling Data Analyst, 240B, 694-8529, [email protected] :: PeopleSoft and S25 Classroom Scheduling
  • Lisa Pickerill, Course and Curriculum Data Specialist, 240B, 694-5726. [email protected] :: Secretary of ICC Curriculum Committee and works with ICCB course approvals

Curriculum Development: The February opening of the CDS 2.0 upgrade will be postponed until early March. The Curriculum Committee will conduct “business as usual” from the original CDS system. The original CDS system has been re-enabled. This will allow access for the users to prepare their proposals, due February 11, for the February Curriculum Committee, along with any updates to course syllabi for submission to the Curriculum Subcommittee. Be assured all of the data conversion work has been completed and any additional work done in the original system in February will be moved to the CDS 2.0 upgrade. The extension gives us more time to assure that the upgrade is complete and working as designed.

Academic Scheduling: In order to continue to serve you in a timely manner, we have created a new office email account that will allow multiple staff to answer regardless of who is in the office. For academic scheduling needs, email us at [email protected].

S25 Update: We will be producing the Summer and Fall 2013 class schedule for the first time using S25, the web-based system for classroom scheduling. Thanks to all of the Deans/Associate Deans and the Six Sigma Team for their additional work and effort to bring us to this point!

Catalog Proofing: Catalog proofing began Tuesday, February 5 and runs through Tuesday, February 19. Any “owner of information” listed in the catalog, should review your areas and document any changes in red ink. You may proof at the following sites: Peoria Downtown – Thomas 203C; ICC North – Cedar 53; and East Peoria – 239B. This catalog has many changes—curricular and services; thus, it is vital that all “owners” review their areas.