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Construction UPDATES for the week of June 1

Here is an update on the major construction projects occurring around ICC campuses during the week of June 1:

East Peoria Campus:

Roof Replacement Phase 4

  • Roofing will be replaced above Rooms 307 and 308.
  • The final gravel coating and roof caps will be installed over Rooms 323, 324, 325 and 326.
  • The roof replacement is 85% complete.

Roof Top Unit Replacement Phase 3

  • The contractor has installed variable air volume equipment in Rooms 130, 230 and 330.
  • Construction work will begin in areas near Rooms 129, 229, and 329 with placement of corridor barriers.

Library Entrance Renovations

  • Rough in work will begin for the electrical, HVAC and fire protection systems near the new Library entrance.
  • Demo work will occur in Room L318.
  • The block walls for the new Library entrance have been removed.

Library Carpet Replacement

  • Replacement of the Library carpeting is scheduled for June 22.

Restroom Renovations

  • Renovation of the women’s and men’s restrooms at Academic Building Rooms 201, 301, 214 and 314 will continue through July 31.
  • Rough in work for plumbing and electrical begins in restrooms 201 & 301.

Science Lab Phase 9

  • Rough in work for electrical and plumbing in Room 318E will continue.

North Campus:

Student Resource Center

  • A portion of the roof on the old Elm Building will be removed.
  • The hot water system for Maple and Poplar will be moved to a temporary location.
  • Lay out work for rerouting the sanitary sewer for the new building will begin.
  • A temporary walkway will soon be placed between Arbor and Poplar Hall.

Corridor Abatement

  • The abatement work in all of the corridors is complete.

Arbor South Wing Demo

  • Work to begin the week of June 15 to demolish the interior walls.

Arbor Hall Drive and Parking

  • This project will begin start on June 8.

Submitted by Director of Construction Management Kevin Roberts, (309) 690-6838.