Faculty & Staff

Competition Proves Weight Loss Can Be Fun

A group of 14 employees, representing Accounting, Payroll, Athletics, the CougarPlex Fitness Center, Food Services, Six Sigma, Purchasing, Faculty and even a few of their spouses entered a fun and friendly weight loss competition for six weeks during the holidays.  To inspire the teams, it was deemed that the loser of the competition would have to sing Karaoke in front of all the other participants!

The results were outstanding! Together, they lost a total of 95.5 lbs and almost 4% of their collective body weight. The team weighed in Mondays and tracked weight, BMI and body fat percentage.

Fun was had by all with random acts of attempted sabotage with complimentary bottles of Mountain Dew and high calorie snacks left on desks of the opposing team.  Certain participants even made lunch plans that included wonderful high calorie food – during the scheduled workout time!  It wasn’t hard to skip the workout for a few extra calories.  In the end,  they all supported each other and made sure that the scale numbers were lower than when they started.

With the program being so successful, they have already begun their next competition with even more participants!  If you have a desire to create a similar competition in your area, let Casey Messenger know!  She will be awarding Wellness Points to any team that starts something fun and healthy!

Email Casey at [email protected].